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About Labbit

Labbit is the brainchild of the Canadian software company Semaphore Solutions. We’re a team of 65 informatics experts with a long history of supporting laboratories with LIMS implementation, customization and custom software.

Our purpose is to advance global health by enabling the rapid implementation and iteration of innovative diagnostics and therapies.

We do this with Labbit, the next generation LIMS that lets you accelerate innovation cycles and scale faster.

Our story

After investing more than 300,000 hours designing and implementing software solutions for labs that push the boundaries of throughput, complexity, and innovation, we learned something important.

We learned what makes the ideal informatics solution: an easy-to-maintain, flexible software platform with powerful workflow creation tools, easily accessible data and metadata, and scalable processes.

So, we created Labbit, the LIMS that evolves with your science.


Why we're different

Laboratories have thousands of rigid informatics and LIMS tools to choose from. 

Labbit is different.

Only Labbit is built on FAIR data principles with full data provenance. 

Our platform collects data using international standards, such as PROV, with all contextual information in machine-readable metadata, and stores it in an RDF graph database enabling trivial addition of fields, easier ad-hoc querying, more precise data capture, and improved data shareability.

Benefit from unparalleled flexibility. Streamline lab operations by easily adapting Labbit to match the unique processes and workflows in your lab.

Labbit uses Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) to graphically represent lab workflows clearly so that they are understood and visible by everyone in the lab (from the business analyst designing the process, to the technical developer performing the implementation and the manager overseeing the process).

What’s more, our experts collaborate with you long-term, helping you while you improve and scale your lab operations, from architectural consultation, to implementation, to validation support.

Our values

At Semaphore, we:

  • Prioritize Connection to achieve our mission of advancing scientific discovery across the globe.
  • Choose Collaboration, as this is the most reliable and effective approach to problem-solving, innovation, and creating the best solutions.
  • Enable Potential so help our teams and customers accelerate what is possible in the health technology domain.
  • Practice Humility, enabling us to listen, be accountable, and enrich our understanding.
  • Apply Diligence in all aspects of our work to not only meet the unique needs of our diverse customers but also to create an exceptional and rewarding environment for our teams.

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