Track sample locations with precision,

in real-time


Automatically track storage locations, containers, and their contents directly from Labbit LIMS to consolidate systems, speed up tasks, and improve traceability.


Efficiently manage locations and containers within Labbit

Whether it’s spreadsheets or third party software, using multiple disparate systems to track locations of samples and other entities is a slow process due to manual  effort needed to keep both systems in sync.

Labbit’s all-in-one informatics platform includes robust location management capabilities that allow you to model your specific storage hierarchy – city, lab, room, freezer, shelf, container, and position – so you can monitor samples and locations from a single system. 

Instantly locate samples and available storage space

High-throughput laboratories have thousands of individual spaces where objects like samples are stored. With samples constantly being moved from one area of the lab to another, locating available space or specific samples is an arduous task without automated tracking. 

Labbit tracks space occupancy and sample locations in real-time with check-in, check-out, and movement actions that are instantly reflected in the system’s representation of the lab’s location hierarchy. Technicians can scan barcodes, search, filter, and use visual cues to quickly find what they need without running from room to room.


Capture complete location history for every sample

Using disconnected systems to track both samples and their storage locations as they journey through a lab, you never get the full story if you’re trying to trace a sample’s chain of custody. Not without stitching siloed data together which is tedious and error-prone. 

Labbit’s unified system with comprehensive storage tracking automatically creates detailed chain of custody records in immutable sample histories so you can easily trace a sample’s movement through a lab with accuracy. 



Helix extended the use of Labbit beyond a traditional LIMS to accomplish what previously would have required investment in two or three other systems. 

“That’s what stood out when evaluating Labbit. That this LIMS could finally achieve all of our needs within one solution. To be able to not only manage the workflow, but the operational side of things as well.”

Tyler Cassens, Senior Product Manager, Helix


Track the location of any physical object

Use Labbit’s configurable, entity-centric system to manage and track the physical location of any object in the lab including instruments, reagents, and consumables – so everything can be located more quickly. 

Custom Containers

Represent a range of lab containers and locations.  

Full Location Hierarchies

Clearly displays the nested structure of locations, containers, and samples.


Visually indicates the number of filled spaces in a container and when it’s completely full. 

Location History

Sample histories include an immutable record of each storage action and location.

Default Storage Workflows

Built-in actions for checking in, checking out, and moving samples.

Fully Integrated

Storage management capabilities are built completely into Labbit LIMS workflows. 

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