Complex Process Modelling

Digitize laboratory workflows in their detailed entirety to increase efficiencies and speed up innovation.


Easily understand the current state of laboratory operations

Monitor the condition of every aspect of your laboratory—samples, workflows, people, instrumentation, literally anything—via highly visual, interactive, multi-dimensional process diagrams that display your living laboratory in real-time. 

Reduce friction and frustration for lab technicians

Create tasks that comprehensively and intricately represent unique SOP protocols in concise, familiar language to create clarity that helps lab personnel execute effectively, produce high quality work, and ultimately feel fulfilled with their job. 


Quickly evaluate samples and processes in rich detail

Accurately and thoroughly represent your unique workflows and terminology—both prospectively and retrospectively—to speed up investigations into what was done at any point in your process with complete context.  

Feature Highlights



Workflow whiteboards

Transform process drawings into digital workflow depictions with easy-to-use BPMN functionality.



Nesting and routing

Represent nonlinear laboratory paths with nested workflows and logic-based routing. 



Configurable entities

Assign anything as a trackable object including samples, reagents, instruments, and people.




Isolate different functions of your laboratory into completely separate views of the platform. 



Custom workbooks

Build bespoke SOP protocols with the right level of instructional detail, including step checkboxes.



Robust integrations

Represent third party elements of your processes like complimentary software and instrumentation.

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