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Complex workflows can take weeks of heavy development work to configure in legacy laboratory informatics systems. And often the end result still doesn't work how you need it to. But you can't understand why, because you can't visualize how it's been set up.
Labbit takes a different approach employing business process model and notation (BPMN) to translate workflows into its platform. Not only is this significantly faster, but it's much easier to capture all of the complexity necessary to ensure tasks are executed properly. And you know it's configured properly because you can actually see it.



Over the years, Helix had designed highly-customized NGS workflows. Modeling them in their old informatics system had taken years worth of custom backend programming.

Labbit's intuitive BPMN approach allowed them to translate these workflows into it's platform in a fraction of the time.



Quickly build and deploy complex workflows

BPMN simplifies what has traditionally been a heavy lift for labs that involves extensive (and costly) development work. Replacing tedious and incomprehensible coding, Labbit's workflow builder significantly reduces the timeframe for getting processes online so you can get on with the business of running a lab. Workflows can even be saved as templates that can be adjusted for slightly different scenarios, saving even more time. 


Capture all of your lab's uniqueness and complexity

Legacy LIMS and LIS platforms have such rigid data models that even after heavy customization they still don't work exactly how you need them to which can impact efficiency and quality. 

Labbit lets you capture every step, every decision point, every QC procedure — even your lab's familiar language — in as much detail as you require to automate processes and ensure SOPs are properly followed.



See all workflows clearly and completely

Both during implementation and after, many labs get frustrated with the one-dimensional view of their workflows provided by their informatics solution which make it difficult to identify issues. 

Labbit's highly visual depictions of workflows and processes are easy for anyone to understand. Not only are problems quickly identified during configuration, the BPMN representation is ingested into the platform to provide an interactive live view of the lab. Managers can understand exactly what's happening in real-time and address issues like bottlenecks.

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