Flex for today's needs and tomorrow's

Experience Labbit's unparalleled configurability, evolving workflows, and seamless interoperability that supports rapid innovation of the most intricate processes.


Embrace the power to run your lab your own way

Break free of the rigid structures of legacy LIMS. Streamline end-to-end laboratory operations with a single informatics system custom-tailored to your specific process requirements and terminology.

  • Custom workflows: Easily create detailed workflows which order protocol UIs the way you want thanks to unlimited workflow nesting and a drag-and-drop designer that mimics sketching on a whiteboard.
  • Entities: Manage lifecycles for any element in the lab—samples, equipment, personnel certification and even the lifecycle of the laboratory assay itself.
  • Configurable UI: Choose from a variety of elements to build your protocol UIs and flexibly arrange screen layouts to handle both simple and complex processes. 


Quickly adapt workflows to changing requirements

Future-proof your laboratory informatics system against inevitable process evolution. Whether its test innovation or shifting regulatory demands, quickly iterate workflows to reflect changes.

  • Knowledge graph database: Define and evolve your informatics data models as the lab develops with modern database technology.
  • ChangeSets: Confidently assemble, test, and promote changes to the system in a simple UI editor.
  • Version control: Feel confident that system, permission, and workflow changes have been recorded and time-stamped to preserve precise provenance.


Reduce friction with systems and data that speak to each other

Use a LIMS solution that seamlessly works with any instrumentation or software your lab requires and produces data that can be easily accessed and used by anyone, anywhere.  

  • FAIR data-ready: Labbit data is inherently easy to find, access, share, and reuse.
  • Systems integration: Integrate with EMRs and third party systems for SSO, accounting, finance, and insurance checking with easy-to-configure file parsers and APIs.
  • Instrumentation integration: Adopt any laboratory equipment including sequencers, QC instruments, and label printers. 



With Labbit’s complete informatics solution Helix optimized workflows, streamlined operations, and ensured they could quickly iterate as their science and business evolved


“That’s what stood out when evaluating Labbit. That this LIMS could finally achieve all of our needs within one solution. To be able to manage the workflow, but the operational side of things as well.”

“As we look ahead to the future, we’re always going to be asking how quickly can we iterate? How quickly can we release updates to a workflow, or create brand new workflows. Labbit is a huge piece of that puzzle and how quickly it will allow us to test, validate and get new workflows into production.”

Tyler Cassens

Senior Product Manager, Helix

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