Accelerate time to market of high-quality food and beverage products


Streamline all of your workflows and processes across R&D and manufacturing quality laboratories with a single, highly-flexible laboratory informatics solution designed for innovation and growth. 


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Easily model your distinct testing workflows and processes

Unlike legacy laboratory software, Labbit is easily configured out-of-the-box to support unique and complex workflows like those found in food and beverage testing. 

Building out workflows using highly visual business process model and notation (BPMN) you can easily map your lab's reality—including industry-specific terminology—in granular detail.  Follow your own exact SOPs and capture any data in easily customized tasks and fields. 

Manage diverse laboratory environments with one system

Labbit is much more than a LIMS, it's an all-in-one laboratory informatics platform. Out-of-the-box, it is easily configured without intensive custom development—to support different lab types within an organization.

For instance, it can deliver both flexibility for R&D and structure for regulated labs, handling each in completely separate parts of the platform. This concept also applies to the multiple product lines and multi-site operations that are associated with the food and beverage industry.



Track more than just samples

Many systems are sample-centric and struggle to manage the operational side of the lab. Labbit is entity-centric which allows you to track other vital elements including: 

  • Orders: Deliver seamless client experiences with Labbit's integrated client-facing portal. 
  • Locations: Track lots, freezers, and shelves and always know exactly where things are.
  • Inventory: Monitor stock levels and equipment maintenance schedules to ensure continuous operations.

Gain peace of mind with a future-proof LIMS

Whether its new products, changing regulations, or business growth, you need a system that is designed to rapidly adapt to change.
Most LIMS were designed on SQL databases with rigid, pre-defined data models that require lengthy—and costly—custom development work to alter. Labbit employs highly-flexible knowledge graph database technology which readily facilitates change as your needs evolve. 
Additionally, Labbit is cloud-based and ready for scale should throughput start to increase.


Conduct lightning fast investigations and audits

Labbit simplifies data management with its end-to-end system built on FAIR data principles which ensures information can be easily found and used by anyone.

Data is captured immutably in highly-visual, immutable sample histories. These interactive records demonstrate at-a-glance everything that happened during a journey through a workflow to quickly identify the source of any issues or inconsistencies.

Labbit also facilitates global data analysis and discovery. Anyone can quickly query immense datasets through semantic search that produces data that is easy for humans to interpret. What's more? Because Labbit's data is inherently FAIR, it can be easily fed into any AI, ML, or BI tool for analysis. 


Achieve and demonstrate laboratory excellence

Labbit supports your pursuit of any regulatory compliance or quality assurance certifications necessary for your line of food and beverage business including HACCP, FDA, ISO 17025, and GxP. 


Easily integrate with software and lab equipment

Through its RESTful API and ability to easily ingest files, Labbit works with other technology that is essential to your laboratory operations and business including enterprise systems, AI tools, databases, and laboratory instruments and equipment.

“Labbit is engineered with an all-inclusive approach, which enables IT, data science, and laboratory technical teams to experience unprecedented flexibility without compromising the simplicity, accessibility, and control essential for laboratory end-users. It empowered us to transcend the traditional trade-offs between advanced features the commercial side of the business wants and the user experience that our laboratorians require.”


Ronak Kadakia
COO, LinusBio


“We were looking for a single system that could meet the needs of both our research and our clinical laboratories. Most systems were either too rigid for the research setting or too loosely structured for the clinical setting. Labbit’s flexibility allows us to add as much or as little rigor to workflows as required. We can give researchers freedom to iterate while locking things down on the clinical side. All with one system.”


Lauren Moon
Clinical Laboratory Manager, Eremid


“That’s what stood out when evaluating Labbit. That this LIMS could finally achieve all of our needs within one solution. To be able to not only manage the workflow, but the operational side of things as well.”


Tyler Cassens
Senior Product Manager, Helix


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