Off-The-Shelf Support for AssayMAP Bravo


Labbit LIMS features pre-built workflow templates for Bravo liquid handlers and easily connects to its systems to automate bi-directional data transfer.


Agilent are the creators of the AssayMAP Bravo liquid handling solution which automates sample preparation for biopharmaceutical and proteomics workflows.

Quickly deploy liquid handling workflows

Easily manage automated liquid handling as part of your laboratory workflows with Labbit's off-the-shelf support for Agilent's AssayMAP Bravo system. 

If you're working with other Agilent technology contact us and we'll work with you to integrate Labbit with your particular system. 

Labbit also supports Agilent quality control instruments


Increase productivity and

reduce human error 

Manual data entry is slow and error-prone. Labbit can be configured to integrate with your Agilent liquid handlers to automate bidirectional data transfer between the two systems. The result: greater efficiency and data integrity. 


File Upload and


Easily export and import files (CSV, TXT, XML, JSON, more) into and out of Labbit.


Automatic File Pickup and Dropoff

Configure Labbit to automatically ingest or export new files from/to a folder you specify.



Data Transfer via


Connect and sync data between your liquid handler and Labbit via its RESTful API. 

Automate instrument management

Labbit's inventory management module lets you monitor calibration schedules and prevent offline equipment from being used.