Pre-Built Liquid Handler Workflows


Out-of-the-box, Labbit supports a range of Hamilton's automated liquid handlers. Use templates as they are or quickly configure them to meet your specific requirements. 



Hamilton is a leading manufacturer of automated, precision liquid handling devices.

Supported Hamilton Systems

Off-the-shelf, Labbit has configurable modules for the Hamilton Microlab STAR and STARlet models. If you're working with other models contact us as we are adding new modules all the time and will work with you to integrate Labbit with your particular model.


Increase productivity and

reduce human error 

Manual data entry is slow and error-prone. Labbit connects to your Hamilton Star and Starlet liquid handlers to automate bidirectional data transfer between the two systems. The result: greater efficiency and data integrity. 

Three ways to connect


File Download and


Easily export and import file formats like CSV, TXT, XML, JSON, more from and into Labbit.


Automatic File Pickup and Dropoff

Configure Labbit to automatically ingest or export new files from/to a folder you specify.



Data Transfer via


Connect and sync data between your liquid handler and Labbit via its RESTful API. 

Automate Hamilton instrument management

In addition to Hamilton liquid handling workflow templates, Labbit's inventory management module lets you monitor calibration schedules and prevent offline equipment from being used.