Connect seamlessly with enterprise software systems 


Through its RESTful API, HL7 interface, and ability to easily ingest files, Labbit works with other technology that is essential to your laboratory operations including healthcare records and systems, enterprise and intelligence software, and databases.

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Easily interface with any system

Labbit's API can be configured to automatically pass information bidirectionally to and from any system relevant to your industry and business including:

  • Enterprise software: ERPs, CRMs
  • AI, ML, and BI tools
  • Cloud and on-premises database systems
  • Healthcare specific: EMRs, EHRs, and RCMs
  • Other laboratory software including homegrown systems


Experience the benefits of a FAIR data-ready LIMS

Built on knowledge graph database technology, Labbit data is inherently FAIR—Findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable—which means it can be easily integrated with other datasets without any manual extract, transform, and load processes.  

Combine data from diverse sources to uncover new information to drive continued innovation. 

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