Ensure continuous laboratory operations

Track anything that could disrupt productivity—expired reagents, stock outages, offline equipment—all directly from Labbit.

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Get control of every aspect of your lab in one system

Most legacy informatics solutions revolve around a single element like a patient or a sample, limiting their ability to manage other crucial parts of your lab. And while anything can be tracked using spreadsheets, they lack the automation and guardrails to ensure dwindling supplies are reordered and instruments are regularly serviced.
Labbit was designed around the concept of managing entities—objects that can represent anything that is essential to your lab's operations—so you can track everything in an interconnected, automated way that keeps your lab running smoothly.

Automate instrument management

Ensure fully-functional, properly calibrated equipment is always available for use. 

Labbit lets you build instrument tracking workflows that help you maintain visibility, optimize maintenance schedules and prevent the use of scheduling offline equipment. 

Track reagent expiration in real-time

Maintain quality and avoid waste. Accession reagents into Labbit and monitor their expiration timelines to ensure only the use of fresh compounds, prioritizing those that are expiring the soonest. 


Prevent consumable stock outages

Always have a full inventory of tubes, filters, kits, reagents, tips, or whatever else you need to complete tests. Use Labbit to automatically update stock levels each time items are used in a work flows. Set depletion thresholds to notify you when reorders are necessary.


Customer Success

“That’s what stood out when evaluating Labbit. That this LIMS could finally achieve all of our needs within one solution. To be able to not only manage the workflow, but the operational side of things as well.”

Tyler Cassens

Senior Product Manager, Helix

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