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Accelerate innovation.

Maintain quality.


Finally. An all-in-one, end-to-end LIMS solution. 

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Run a high quality laboratory that produces accurate results

Use a laboratory informatics system that works with your processes, not against them. Build workflows with concise SOPs that reflect and support unique requirements and vocabulary to avoid hacky workarounds and confusion that can introduce errors. 

Increase efficiency with simplified, consolidated tools and workflows

Streamline throughput with a centralized, end-to-end solution that is easy for technicians to learn and use. Labbit flexibly covers a range of laboratory operations use cases—including those of both LIS and LIMS—to reduce the number of solutions in your tech stack. 


Embrace proactive organization with real-time visibility into activities

Exercise tighter control over daily operations. Labbit’s live view displays the lab’s current state in detail—including sample queues and bottlenecks—in highly visual, interactive diagrams so you can instantly assess conditions and address issues as soon as possible.  

Easily update processes to incorporate new procedures and regulations

Quickly adapt laboratory workflows as innovation and compliance dictate. Labbit was designed with the inevitability of laboratory evolution in mind allowing you to make changes without tedious programming, while preserving historical provenance of the process. 


Conduct fast, thorough investigations and audits

Rapidly search for and share information. Labbit captures detailed data and presents it in highly visual, genealogical audit trails. Additionally, its non-relational database technology and inherently FAIR data facilitate fast queries and analysis of data in downstream BI, ML, and AI systems. 

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