FLEXIBLE LIMS SOFTWARE FOR MANUFACTURINGStreamline testing for product quality, safety, and innovation

Increase lab efficiency and accuracy with a highly-flexible, all-in-one laboratory management system that can quickly and easily be configured to meet your precise material testing needs.


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Track all relevant data and metadata in familiar language

Unlike rigid, general-purpose legacy laboratory management software, Labbit lets you quickly and easily map your lab's unique reality into its platform including all relevant information in your own terminology.

  • Visually build out testing workflows using business process model and notation (BPMN)
  • Build custom tasks that capture any material, chemical, variable—literally anything you need—using your organization's language
  • Rapidly update Labbit workflows as your laboratory needs evolve

Consolidate workflows and centralize data

From sample intake to reporting, Labbit's flexible system supports a wide range of end-to-end laboratory management requirements to reduce process friction and automatically generate complete datasets. 

  • Cover all laboratory software needs including sample, order, equipment and inventory management
  • Capture every detail in rich, immutable histories
  • Effortlessly search datasets without any knowledge of structured query language



Consistently enforce standard operating procedures

Move off of spreadsheets. Have confidence that results are accurate with custom workbooks that outline steps in clear terms and avoid errors through guardrails like check boxes and required fields. 

  • Encourage adoption with Labbit's clean, modern UI that reduces clicks and eliminates clutter
  • Add as much or as little structure to workbooks as you need to achieve your objectives
  • Easily demonstrate compliance with the standards of regulating bodies like ISO through SOP adherence that is recorded in rich, immutable records

“Labbit is engineered with an all-inclusive approach, which enables IT, data science, and laboratory technical teams to experience unprecedented flexibility without compromising the simplicity, accessibility, and control essential for laboratory end-users. It empowered us to transcend the traditional trade-offs between advanced features the commercial side of the business wants and the user experience that our laboratorians require.”


Ronak Kadakia
COO, LinusBio


“We were looking for a single system that could meet the needs of both our research and our clinical laboratories. Most systems were either too rigid for the research setting or too loosely structured for the clinical setting. Labbit’s flexibility allows us to add as much or as little rigor to workflows as required. We can give researchers freedom to iterate while locking things down on the clinical side. All with one system.”


Lauren Moon
Clinical Laboratory Manager, Eremid


“That’s what stood out when evaluating Labbit. That this LIMS could finally achieve all of our needs within one solution. To be able to not only manage the workflow, but the operational side of things as well.”


Tyler Cassens
Senior Product Manager, Helix


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