Gain complete control of your lab's samples

Track anything and everything about samples in your lab from accessioning to reporting for complete visibility and effortless investigations and audits. 


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Real-time, end-to-end sample management

In a single laboratory informatics system

With complete data capture and rich sample histories

Most labs use several systems to manage different functions like order management, wet lab analysis, and inventory management. Because these systems have different data models, they don't communicate well resulting in diminished visibility and fragmented data. A nightmare for day-to-day laboratory management and conducting sample investigations and audits.
Labbit's inherent flexibility, rooted in knowledge graph database and business process model notation (BPMN) technology, allows it to be configured to support a range of end-to-end laboratory uses cases and capture any and all relevant sample data, in immutable records as it moves through processes. This journey is captured completely, and in real-time in highly visual, interactive workflow diagrams giving managers complete control of samples. 


Want a single source of data? Use a single system.

Disconnected datasets are a result of disconnected systems. For many labs, understanding a sample's history is a complicated, tedious process because its journey was managed by multiple disparate solutions. 

Labbit is an all-in-one laboratory informatics platform that facilitates end-to-end workflow and process consolidation and provide seamless, complete sample history data. 


Record all relevant information in familiar terms

Labs face many blockers when it comes to fully documenting a sample's history. Most informatics systems have rigid, pre-defined data models that are extremely difficult to change for unique laboratory workflows and may not record critical information as a result. Or spreadsheets are often used due to their extreme flexibility but they are notoriously inefficient and error-prone.

Labbit's configurability allows labs to strike the right balance between structure and flexibility, empowering them to capture all the data they require, quickly and accurately, using familiar terminology. 



Have confidence in sample history accuracy

Many systems allow for records to be updated without guardrails, enabling inadvertent changes. This erodes confidence that sample histories accurately represent what truly happened during its journey through the lab.

Labbit captures sample histories in immutable records so labs can trust their accuracy. When updates need to be made, the act of updating the sample's information is recorded to avoid accidental, yet unnoticed changes. 


Visualize your lab in


Most informatics platforms provide one-dimensional views of laboratory operations that can feel like walking through a maze to understand what's happening in each area.

Labbit's Live View feature provides a three dimensional, real-time view of all workflows, including samples queued at each stage so managers can identify and address issues like bottlenecks before they impact performance. 


Conduct effortless sample investigations and

laboratory audits

What once took an enormous amount of error-prone data integration is now as simple as putting a sample number into a search bar. Complete audit trails of a sample's end-to-end journey through your lab are immediately available and because records are immutable you can have confidence in their accuracy.

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