Comprehensive Sample Tracking

Always know where samples are and exactly what happened to them to streamline operations and conduct lightning fast audits and investigations. 



See what's happening with samples in real-time

Instantly visualize where samples are across the different workflows of your laboratory in intuitive BPMN diagrams that display how many are  queued up at each stage. Identify and address bottlenecks before they impact performance. 

Conduct complex sample queries, fast

Quickly locate all of a sample's data and related metadata when conducting investigations. Labbit's FAIR-compliant RDF graph database technology facilitates rapid searches across huge volumes of related data.


Quickly get detailed sample provenance

Conduct speedy, thorough investigations in a fraction of the time of legacy LIMS with detailed audit trails and assay version control so you always know everything that happened to a sample in the laboratory, including which version of your workflow processed it.

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