Iterate and scale quickly and without limitations

Launch new workflows and increase sample volumes without limitations with a flexible, easy-to-use cloud-based LIMS designed for rapid scale. 

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Innovate products and adapt processes at the same pace

Continuously investigate findings and derive richer insights, then quickly launch new products and evolve laboratory workflows and technology without limitations. 

  • Data interoperability: Unlock insights in powerful business intelligence and machine learning tools with inherently FAIR-compliant data.
  • Adaptable workflows: Rapidly get new ChangeSets and improved processes into production without any coding.
  • End-to-end informatics: Consolidate software and use Labbit to manage any element or lifecycle in the lab from reception to release.  


Confidently increase sample throughput as demand grows

Quickly scale up volumes without worry with a system designed to guard against outages and deliver the speed and automation of modern technology.

  • Stability & reliability: Employ a cloud-based system to easily ramp up and avoid unexpected down time.
  • Fast querying: Save time with the lightning fast search results delivered by FAIR-compliant RDF graph database technology.
  • Seamless integrations: Make use of the most advanced laboratory technology designed to exponentially increase throughput.


Set technicians up to move at the speed of scale

Ensure lab techs can productively execute their role with a centralized informatics system that is easy to learn, fosters focus, and automates many manual tasks.  

  • Modern, user-friendly UI: Speed up onboarding and expedite tasks by taking advantage of modern UI design principles and technology.
  • Centralized, focused workspaces: Eliminate distractions and provide clarity with features like separate environments and access controls that narrow views to relevant information, all provided in familiar vocabulary.
  • Automation: Reduce friction and inaccuracies by eliminating many tasks that were previously done by hand. 



With Labbit’s complete informatics solution Helix optimized workflows, streamlined operations, and ensured they could quickly iterate as their science and business evolved


“As we look ahead to the future, we’re always going to be asking how quickly can we iterate? How quickly can we release updates to a workflow, or create brand new workflows. Labbit is a huge piece of that puzzle and how quickly it will allow us to test, validate and get new workflows into production.”

Tyler Cassens

Senior Product Manager, Helix

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