See everything. Clearly. Completely. In real-time.

Provide everyone team-wide with greater context and access to information so they can do their jobs more effectively.


Get real-time visibility into laboratory operations

Instantly see exactly what’s happening with samples, reagents, tasks, people—literally any aspect of your lab—to identify issues like bottlenecks before they impact productivity.  

  • Centralized informatics: Manage and track all laboratory processes in a single, flexible system. 
  • Entities: Assign anything as a trackable object in Labbit including samples, reagents—even patients.
  • Live view: Visualize all tasks across different workflows in real-time to gauge progress and balance workloads. 


Expedite throughput at the bench with greater clarity

Empower lab technicians to work more efficiently with focused views of their work and concise, actionable protocols that list only relevant information and steps they can check off as they work. 

  • Simple UI: Streamline tasks with a modern and intuitive digital workspace that reduces clicks. 
  • Custom workbooks: Build bespoke task templates with simplified instructions and checklists that map reliably to SOPs. 
  • Access controls: Eliminate distractions by limiting what lab technicians can see to what they need to do their job.


Achieve unparalleled laboratory process transparency

Capture all events in immutable records with a system that tracks everything that happens in the laboratory and facilitates fast investigations and effortless auditability.  

  • Configurable: Model the system to track and record all relevant information in familiar terms.
  • FAIR compliant: Ensure all data can be easily found, accessed, shared, and reused by anyone who needs it.
  • Detailed histories: Achieve full traceability of all actions performed in visible chained-history graphs that speed up investigations and audits. 

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