The highly versatile, all-in-one LIMS-plus solution

Visualize and manage end-to-end operations in a single, flexible system that lets your laboratory rapidly innovate and scale without limits

Bending and breaking your laboratory workflows to fit the rigid structures of legacy LIMS?

It's slowing you down.

Use Labbit, the modern laboratory informatics system designed to meet the needs of today’s high-growth, high-complexity labs. Through its inherent flexibility, Labbit can handle any laboratory informatics needs.

It is a LIMS, a LIS, an inventory management system. It is your modern, all-in-one LIMS—plus solution.



With Labbit’s complete informatics solution Helix optimized workflows, streamlined operations, and ensured they could quickly iterate as their science and business evolved



“That’s what stood out when evaluating Labbit. That this LIMS could finally achieve all of our needs within one solution. To be able to manage the workflow, but the operational side of things as well.”

“As we look ahead to the future, we’re always going to be asking how quickly can we iterate? How quickly can we release updates to a workflow, or create brand new workflows. Labbit is a huge piece of that puzzle and how quickly it will allow us to test, validate and get new workflows into production.”

Tyler Cassens

Senior Product Manager, Helix

Experience a new way of managing your lab

Brought to you by Semaphore, and developed from over a decade of experience implementing and maintaining LIMS for complex laboratories, Labbit takes a different approach to address the challenges created by legacy solutions. 

Ready to streamline operations and accelerate innovation and growth?